Tuesday, November 6, 2012



Present tense
            A : Hi….what are you going ?
            B : I studies english because I have some taks from my teacher
            A : Good luck

Past tense
            A : Where did you going tomorrow ?
            B : I went to market because my mother was sikck so I bought some vegetables
            A : I’m sorry to heart that

Present continuous tense
            A : Hi….what are you going ?
            B : Ooo….I’m gardening, where are you going ?
            A : I want buy some book in book store
            B : Oke…be carefull

Past continuous tense
            A : My mother was cooking some cake lask week, but you didn’t go in my home
B : Sorry….last week I was very busy, my mother went to my grandmother’s
      house so I must stayed in home
            A : never mind

Present future tense
            A : Will you go to bromo next to me ?
            B : May be…..because I have plant for next week, how about you ?
            A : So do I…..I’am going to parangtritis

Past future tense
            A : You should study hard again because your score in last year
      exam not god
B : Yes….I would study hard again

Present perfect tense
            A : My sister have bougth laptop today, can you operation a laptop ?
            B : Yes alright I can….I have been a laptop in home
            A : Are you sure ? may I lend ?
            B : Yes alright

Past perfect tense
            A : Had you a preparing for exam tomorrow ?
            B : Yes, I had…..I had study about all matery…how about you ?
            A : So do I

Present perfect continuous
            A : Have you studying for exam net week ?
            B : Of course…I have preparing all about exam next week
            A : Oh….me too

Future continuous tense
            A : Where will you going next holiday ?
            B : I will going to bromo mountain
            A : Oh….it is very interesting

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